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Africa's Carbon Removal Solution Company

Removing Carbon Dioxide Trapped In The Atmosphere Through Air Capture


We need to cut our greenhouse emissions by up-to 43% by 2030 in order to stay within our 1.5°C (2.7°F) temperature raise target

Unless there are immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, limiting warming to close to 1.5°C to 2°C will be beyond reach.


About Bucketnerds

Bucketnerds is an engineering star-up focus on climate change related issues. Founded in 2014, we have recently pivoted into helping in the fight of climate change and offer real life solutions to exist climate change problems and avoiding a further catastrophe. 

Carbon Dioxide

The increase in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide can be linked to the rise in climate change which is resulting is harsher weather patterns, from intense heat waves, to extreme colds, longer droughts and unpredictable rainy seasons.

 We are also seeing a sharp use and depletion of fossil fuel reserve due to an increase in power demand around the world. This is causing the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Bucketnerds wants to recycle and remove atmospheric carbon dioxide to help reduce the effects of climate change, lower the use of fossil fuels in the best economical way possible.

Use Of Renewables

In order to insure that the harmful carbon emitted in the atmosphere is of environmental, health and economical benefit. Bucketnerds makes use of 100% renewable energy for all its operations from the capturing of carbon, separation and utilization. This method allows us to turn carbon dioxide from a harmful material floating in our atmosphere to a renewable source of energy.

The annual 24-hour global solar radiation average is about 220W/m2 in South Africa compared to 150W/m2 in parts of the USA and around 100W/m2 in Europe. Karoo region is the Northern Cape Province in South Africa has an even higher solar radiation average making it an ideal location for the first carbon capture plant.

This solar renewable energy will be used by the plant for the capturing of carbon, separation, turning it into fuels via Fischer-Tropsch and the production of green hydrogen which will be used in the Fischer-Tropsch reaction as well as storage of power to be used when solar energy is not available.

Carbon Dioxide Fischer-Tropsch Liquid Fuels

While road transportation is seeing a transition from fossil fuels to battery-electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, this is not the case for all transportation. The aviation sector for instance is finding it hard to be part of that transition and is one of the major emitters of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide captured from the air and can be turned into jet fuel or kerosene via Power-to-Liquids technology. Fischer-Tropsch offers us the best possible way of doing this which also needs requires the production of hydrogen which Bucketnerds plans to also produce via water electrolysis powered by renewable electricity.

The most exciting part of all is the high level at which all this technology is ready today. We utilize and combine our technology for capturing CO2 found in the air and using already available technology to separate it from it capture solution, converting to CO and then long-chain hydrocarbons by the Fischer-Tropsch reaction

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