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About us

Reversing The Negative Effects of Climate Change Through Action

About Us

Bucketnerds is a climate action technology start-up focusing on the tackling the negative effects of climate and working towards making our planet habitable for us and future generations. 



Giving The World Safe Drinking Water

Our mission is a very simple one, to give the world safe drinking water no matter where they are in the world.

0 M


Lack basic water drinking facilities


Half of the Population

Will Be Living In Water Stressed facilities


Additional People

Will experience water scarcity by 2030


Of the World

Expected to suffer from fresh water availability by 2050

Simple Cotton Shirt

This can use up-to 2500 Litre's of water or around 700 US Gallons

Cup of Coffee

It takes up-to 130 Litre's to make one cup of coffee or about 34 US Gallons


A Typical burger beef burger can use up-to 2400 Litre's of water or about 630 US Gallons

What Actions Are We Taking

We have design and developed both hardware and software solutions for home, business and industrial use to help in the measure, monitoring, physicals generation of fresh water. 

Our aim is to use technology in the fight against the negative effects of climate change and helps homes, businesses and farms in the generation of water and the monitoring of their use for maximum efficiency use.

Why This Solution Is Important

All of life on earth exists because of water and life is sustained and still exists because of the water. We cannot survive and thrive as a species and all life forms on earth without water. Water is essential to all lifeforms but with the shrinking supply of fresh water and a growing population, life as we know is being threatened.
Climate change is also not making things easier, we seeing longer droughts and harsher rains. A steady predictable supply of freshwater is no longer available. This is why we at Bucketnerds feel it's important that we try to bridge that gap and make sure that people have access to fresh clean and safe water for homes, businesses, and farming.

Nhlanhla Mazibuko


Using The Power OF the Sun


to generate clean fresh water for home and Industrial use.


The Air Basic

The Air2O Basic is the lowest of the three and only harvests water, pumping out around 10l a day


The Air Home

The Air2O Home is in the middle, has a battery pack, and works even at night, producing over 25l of water a day. The Air2O Home can also power home lights and charge devices


The Air Family

The Air2O Family is the largest, harvests over 25l of water a day, and like the Home offers device charging and lighting. The Family also offers warm water.

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